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Founded in 1998, Listening Point Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Listening Point and advancing Sigurd Olson’s wilderness philosophy.
Listening Point was a place of connection for Sig, continually renewing his sense of wonder and gratitude for the natural world. Honoring that legacy, our vision is to foster people’s connection to wild places by inspiring them to find their own listening point.
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  • Virtual Book Release Event – June 1. We are celebrating the release of A Private Wilderness: The Journals of Sigurd F. Olson edited by David Backes on June 1st. Join the Listening Point Foundation and Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute as we have an in-depth conversation with David about the history and inspiration for the book from inception to publication. Learn more and register for free here!
  • Guided tours of Listening Point are resuming on May 29, 2021. We are happy to announce that we are reopening for guided, outdoor tours starting the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Schedule a tour here.
  • Artist in Residence Program — More details and guidelines will soon be released about our Artist in Residence Program. For now, contact us if you are interested!

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Listening Point Foundation, Inc.

Dedicated to preserving Listening Point and advancing Sigurd Olson's legacy of wilderness education
Listening Point Foundation, Inc.
Listening Point Foundation, Inc.
Sixty-five years ago today, Alfred Knopf published Sigurd Olson's first book, "The Singing Wilderness." Knopf was taking a chance, and it quickly paid off as the book made the New York Times bestseller list. For Sigurd--and for so many of us whose lives have been touched by him--it was a tremendous blessing. Here's what I concluded in my biography of him:

"On a personal level, the publication and success of 'The Singing Wilderness' was an immensely satisfying culmination of a long and hard-fought dream. For thirty years Sigurd Olson had been obsessed with writing, had felt it was his ordained mission in life, that success was his destiny. The odds often had seemed insurmountable: the kind of writing he was best at and loved most editors said had no market, and the kind that editors said was marketable yielded scathing rejection letters when Sigurd attempted it. He had felt trapped in an unfulfilling career, stuck in a community full of people who could not relate to him intellectually, and had sealed off his deepest beliefs, thoughts, and fears from his own family. Succumbing to periods of despair, he had bewildered his wife and damaged his health. He could not explain these things. He had not wanted to make life hard for Elizabeth or for their children or for himself. His dream went beyond want; it was a fire burning within him, a consuming flame that had the potential to fulfill or destroy him. Somehow, despite the many rejections, despite the self-torture--despite the genuinely long odds of succeeding as a writer of essays--he had held fast to his dream, and had triumphed."
Listening Point Foundation, Inc.
Listening Point Foundation, Inc.
An annual birthday gift for Sig (April 4th). A great way to celebrate!
Listening Point Foundation, Inc.
Listening Point Foundation, Inc.
Monday was the 60th Anniversary of the publishing of Sig's third book, "The Lonely Land." Nothing like a 500 mile canoe trip through the vast Canadian wilderness!
Sigurd Olson (1899-1982) was a well-known environmentalist, award-winning conservation activist, and best-selling author. Though he lived in Ely, Minnesota and took numerous trips within the Quetico-Superior wilderness, he traveled widely and influenced the creation and preservation of natural areas across the country. Learn more about Sigurd Olson here.
Sigurd Olson created Listening Point in 1956 as a private retreat on the shores of Burntside Lake. It became widely known and celebrated after Alfred Knopf published Olson’s book, “Listening Point” in 1958. Learn more about Listening Point and how to visit here.
Founded in 1998 by Sig’s younger son, Robert K. Olson, the Listening Point Foundation continues to promote Sigurd F. Olson’s legacy. Located in Ely, MN, the Foundation headquarters in the Olson family homestead, and continues to preserve Sig’s Writing Shack and the Listening Point property, along with providing educational tours and opportunities to the community. Learn more about the Listening Point Foundation here.

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A Private Wilderness: The Journals of Sigurd F. Olson Edited by David Backes Release date: June 1st Listening Point Foundation and the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute are celebrating the release of David Backes’ new book! Join us for a virtual, in-depth presentation and moderated conversation with David about the history of the book from inception […]