Virtual Film Festival 2021

Co-Hosted by Listening Point Foundation & the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College

Between February 9th and March 9th, the Listening Point Foundation and the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College will be hosting three virtual film screenings, each of which will be followed by an opportunity for discussion with panelists who have expertise related to the films.

Thank you for joining us!

February 9 - Big Land

Discussion @ 7:00 PM CT

The first film is Big Land: An Adventure into the Heart of North America’s Last Great Frontier by filmmakers Aimee and Chase Bartee. This 50-minute film captures Aimee and Chase’s first wilderness canoe trip to Labrador, as well as their passion for native brook trout.

Featuring Panelists: Aimee and Chase Bartee

Aimee Bartee is an accomplished artist and photographer who was dubbed “The Feral Child” by her parents. Chase Bartee is a thinker, compulsive image maker, and scientific illustrator. Together, they are the adventure and filmmaking team Tight Loops. Check out their website at

February 23 - The Social Dilemma

Discussion @ 7:00 PM CT

The second film is The Social Dilemma, directed by Jeff Orlowski. This 90-minute docu-drama explores the dangerous human impact of social networking with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

Our discussion of the film will focus specifically on how social media platforms, and technology more generally, are affecting how people interact with and experience wild places and the natural world.

Featuring Panelists: Katie O’Reilly and Christopher Ketcham

Our panelists will be Katie O’Reilly, Sierra Magazines Adventure & Lifestyle Editor and author of “Welcome to the Insta-Sphere: Love It, Hate It, or ‘Like It,” Social Media is Reshaping our Relationship to Public Lands,” and Christopher Ketcham, freelance writer and author of “How Instagram Ruined the Great Outdoors.”

March 9 - Public Trust

Discussion @ 7:00 PM CT

The third film is Patagonia’s Public Trust, with executive producers Robert Redford and Yvon Chouinard. This 100-minute film documents how extractive industries are working to shrink and privatize public lands and demonstrates the importance protecting wild, public lands for future generations.

Featuring Panelists: Kathryn Hoffman and Gus Smith

Our panelists are Kathryn Hoffman, an attorney and CEO for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, and Gus Smith, who is the Chief of Science and Resource Management at Grand Teton National Park, a recent district ranger for the Kawishiwi district of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and a former Natural Resources professor and alum of Northland College. 

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