Preserving Listening Point


You can help preserve this historical site!

The passage of time and the weathering effects of the elements are taking their toll on the Listening Point structures. In 2009 Sig’s cedar dock needed to be replaced. Last year we restored the cabin’s iconic stone steps and a section of the fireplace hearth. In addition, the entire stone foundation of the cabin was rebuilt. Exactly re-positioning each stone required a special touch and know-how. Now Sig’s sauna is showing signs of decline.

Listening Point was the key to Sigurd Olson’s heart and soul. For a quarter century it provided him the insights, inspiration and perspective that helped him to become one of the leading literary and conservation voices of his era.

The Listening Point Foundation Board of Directors has created a fund dedicated to the long-term maintenance of the Point. If we are able to raise $15,000, a generous supporter has agreed to match that amount. To date, individuals have given more than $9000 toward this goal. Now, we need to hear from you! Would you please consider donating to the Listening Point Preservation Fund today, thus doubling the impact of your investment in the Point?  Just click the Donate button at the top and fill in the amount at PayPal.

With your help, we can preserve the natural and historic integrity of Listening Point in perpetuity, so that it can continue to serve future generations as a place of inspiration and a symbol of wilderness, just as it did for Sig.

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