Quote from Sig about the “young”

Quote from Sig:  The Foundation’s “year of the young” was inspired by the following quote from Sig that he shared on “The Wilderness World of Sigurd Olson” dvd:

Sig’s words regarding the “young” of the world.
(From the Wilderness world of Sigurd Olson)

Young people come to me and they asked me “What is your hope for the world?” And I always answer that the hope for the world is you. You are the next generation, I am the old generation. Just like this little tree here. This is a sapling, right beside it is one of these enormous red pines.  This sapling epitomizes you and the hope of the world.  So when you wonder how things are going, just remember that.

You have your task to do.  You’ve got to carry on the battle to preserve such beautiful places as this, the battle goes on endlessly.  It’s your task. You’ve got to see that you keep the flame alive – no matter what obstacles.  The whole world depends on you!

This whole world depends on this little pine in a sense.  Just like at one time, it depended on those enormous trees here.

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