WAOR- guest author- Paisley Park and Listening Point

by Phil Voxland, one of the LPF’s tour guides and a writer among our readers guest author:

We all know this quote from Sig Olson: “Everyone has a listening point somewhere. It does not have to be in the north or close to the wilderness, but someplace of quiet where the universe can be contemplated with awe.”

Yesterday I was at Paisley Park the recording studios and residence of Prince.  In addition to the the tour itself I paid some attention to the style and presentation of the young fellow who took us around.  I may have picked up some cues on how to pace even a small group and give them destination points along the way where we should gather up again together.

I should say that Paisly Park, at least the public first floor is fairly spare, perhaps mores so as it is now functioning as a museum.  But it was a business place too, so it had a sense of office hallways, side lounges, but all in a unified and unique design scheme.  The sound studios especially had wonderfully warm wood paneled walls, wood tiled floors and some muted fabric acoustic treatments. The doors were thick as were the walls, to isolate the sound recording.

Some of the public ceilings and walls were hand painted in a pastel blue skies and thin clouds, Another room was dark but with faintly painted discrete celestial elements painted on the walls and ceilings (the famous “Symbol” that Prince took for a name.

I also bought a souvenir booklet with photos quotes and commentary. I found this curious comment which just might make it into some of my tours at the cabin:

Prince: “Paisley Park is pretty much representative of everything I am musically”   “It’s a way of cutting the chaos off, cutting off the outside voices…. Here there is solitude, silence – I like to stay in this controlled environment.”

So, out there at the intersection of Arboretum Road and Audubon Drive, at Paisley Park, Prince found his Listening Point?

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