Welcome to the World of Sigurd Olson

Sig Olson at his beloved Listening Point on Burntside Lake near Ely, Minnesota

Sigurd F. Olson sitting in front of his cabin. (photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Sigurd Olson created Listening Point, a rugged northern Minnesota  property on Burntside Lake near Ely, Minnesota, in 1956 as a private retreat. It became widely known and celebrated after Alfred Knopf published Sig’s book, Listening Point, in 1958.

The Listening Point Foundation, Inc., owns and cares for the property at Listening Point and conducts visits for the interested public.

The Foundation is dedicated to furthering Sig’s legacy of wilderness education by publishing wilderness education materials, sponsoring wilderness educational programs, and conducting tours of Listening Point, Sig’s Writing Shack and Family Home.

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